I have about 15 subs, and I would have to name Jim as #1 of all of them. And I have to tell you, I have really good subs.  Jim takes pride in ownership of the projects he’s on and won’t lay tile until it’s right, even explaining the layout to the client. For example, if there’s a 1” gap at one end, he’ll take the time to lay it out so that there’s ½” at each end. He cares about the details and is an artist. Jim is relaxed and is not rattled with tough situations. He’s a great guy to have on a project.

Shanta Bulkin, Shanta Design,


I’ve worked with Jim for 10 years and I’ve never had to get a second bid. I prefer to work with people I trust and I trust Jim. He has never dropped the ball. Jim is consistent in quality, fair pricing, ability to schedule. He resolves any quality control issues that arise. My clients need to trust me, and my subs are an important part of that.

Scott Meadows, Meadows Green Building,

Jim is an excellent craftsman.

Doug Koefoed, Koefoed Construction Company,

I started working with Jim when he was referred to me by Heath Tile. The first time I met him he impressed me and my client, who was present at the meeting. Since that auspicious beginning, Jim has not disappointed.  Jim is exceptionally talented and easy to work with. We’re so sold on Jim Wishart.  Jim is one of the few sub that we don’t have to regularly ride to keep up with the schedule. There are never periods when nothing is happening. No delays with Jim.

Sid Baxter, S.A. Baxter Inc.,

We hired James Wishart and his crew to do a backsplash in our kitchen remodel in San Francisco. We had selected a beautiful Carrera Marble mosaic tile for the backsplash and wall. The tile was thin and horizontal, so grout was going to play a major role in the overall feel of the wall, as well as cleanly aligning the tile panels.

We were very nervous about the grout color selection, but James and his worker were very accommodating, even doing a few sample boards with different colors so we could spend time with them before making our decision. In spite of our indecisiveness, they never got upset or pushy. They gave us advice but let us make our decision when we were ready.

We also had a tricky edge to deal with and James recommended a Schluter stainless steel edge profile which gave it a nice modern look.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the process of dealing with Wishart Tile Company. They were punctual, polite, patient, and understood the look we were going for. We hope to use them again soon for our bathroom remodels.

Kristi Kennedy, Homeowner,